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Clere opposes Independent Redistricting Commission

Republican votes against amendment to election legislation

NEW ALBANY, March 2, 2018 – Floyd County Democratic Party Chair Adam Dickey issued the following statement following a vote by State Representative Ed Clere on SB327 in opposition to an amendment creating an independent redistricting commission.  

“Yesterday, on the floor of the Indiana House of Representatives, Ed Clere was faced with a critical test of leadership. He could support an amendment creating an independent redistricting commission to ensure that voters elected their representatives, or he could oppose it ensuring the status quo continues with politicians selecting their voters. When the vote closed Ed Clere failed his constituents and opposed even debating redistricting reform.

“Ed Clere could have shown real, bipartisan leadership in his support for this amendment. The fact Clere opposed it is made more startling because for months Clere has assert he is a supporter of independent redistricting reform. The language of the amendment was the same as supported by public interest groups such as Common Cause.

“Put simply, if Clere can’t be trusted to back-up his words with action, how can citizen expect him to represent their interests in Floyd County?”


Adam Dickey