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Democrats present energized ticket for 2018

Party focused on serving Floyd County’s citizens

 NEW ALBANY, February 9, 2018 – The Floyd County Democratic Party Chair Adam Dickey made the following statement regarding today’s filing deadline:

 “Since the 2016 election, individuals from across our community have taken notice of the dysfunctional leadership provided by the Republican party emanating from President Trump and flowing to the state and local level. They have become frustrated by lawmakers who are paralyzed to address a crisis in our state Department of Child Services, who have failed to protect Hoosiers against crimes motivated by bias, and who are unwilling to pass redistricting reform to ensure that voters choose their representatives instead of legislators choosing their voters. They call out for local leaders who will address longstanding infrastructure deficiencies, improve the local quality of life, and manage county resources responsibly.   

 “Democrats are stepping up to tackle Indiana and Floyd County’s tough challenges. With the close of candidate filings today, we see tremendous energy and momentum on our side of the aisle leading into the election. The Democratic ticket combines proven incumbents, such as County Clerk Christy Eurton, County Assessor Trish Badger-Byrd, former Sheriff Darrell Mills, and County Councilman Tom Pickett, with well-qualified newcomers. It reflects both the diversity of our party as well as the diversity of our community with candidates of varying backgrounds, age, faith, racial and ethnic identity.

 “Most impressive is the percentage of women stepping up to serve in key positions. Half of the Democratic candidates running in the primary election are women, including some seeking high-profile positions such as Anna Murray for State Senate (Dist. 46) and Sarah Stivers for State Representative (Dist. 70).  That compares to only nine (9) female candidates on the Republican ticket.

 “Our Democratic candidates reflect the face of our community and will be sharing their message to address our community’s challenges.  I’m confident in their ability to serve our citizens, in their passion for our community, and in the strong leadership they each offer.  

“Service. Community. Leadership.  These are the principles that Democrats are bringing to the 2018 election. We ask our fellow citizens to join us.”



Adam Dickey