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Republican Al Knable distorts truth to advance political agenda

Councilman did not call 911 as previously reported 

Did you see the weekend headlines? There was one that was just too important to miss. The crux of it -  Republican City Councilman Al Knable lied to advance his political agenda. 

The story began on March 12th when Knable stated to the News and Tribune that he recently called 911 during an emergency only to be rerouted through various departments before being connected to emergency personnel. Knable asserted that this delay wouldn't have occurred with a merged 911 dispatch center. Currently, the City of New Albany and Floyd County each operate their own dispatch centers.

But the call to 911 Knable claimed to have made never happened. 

Speaking on behalf of emergency personnel Friday, New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey cleared up the incident:

“After an extensive investigation into this specific claim, which included inspections of 911 calls at the time and conversations with President Knable, himself, we learned President Knable never made a 911 call as he previously claimed.”

Bailey went on to say that there is no record of an alarm, fire or burglary at the location in question. 

The fact Knable made such a claim is disturbing enough, but to use it in support of merging the 911 dispatch centers is more troubling. It illustrates his willingness to lie and distort the truth to advance his political agenda in spite of what may be in the best interests of the citizens he represents. 

If Al Knable is willing to lie about something as important as a 911 call, what else will he lie about?

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Adam Dickey