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Statement on Hate Crimes Legislation

BLOOMINGTON, APRIL 3, 2019 – Floyd County Democratic Party Chairman Adam Dickey issued the following statement concerning the passage of a hate crimes bill by the Indiana General Assembly:

“The legislation passed by Republicans in the General Assembly is a half measure that doesn’t protect all Hoosiers. What message are we sending to the public when we deliberately leave out protections for Hoosiers based on their age, ancestry, gender and gender identity? Are crimes of hate against individuals with these characteristics no less hateful than those committed against a person with attributes Republicans have chosen to protect?

"Republicans in the legislature know better. This measure was passed in a manner aimed at silencing the same voices that have been advocating for Indiana to join the 45 other states with a hate crimes statue. With four weeks left in the session, we can do better. Governor Holcomb should rebuff his party and demand a clean hate crimes bill that protects all Hoosiers.”

Adam Dickey