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Statement on Assessor-Elect’s failure to Qualify for Office

Republican James Sink failed to obtain level II Assessor’s Certification

NEW ALBANY, December 28, 2018 – Floyd County Democratic Party Chair Adam Dickey made the following statement regarding Republican Assessor– Elect James Sinks’ failure to qualify for office:

“It’s extremely disappointing to learn that Republican Assessor-Elect James Sinks has failed to qualify for such an important public office. County taxpayers deserve an Assessor who is competent and met the requirements for office. Our community has been well served by Trish Badger – Byrd and, despite the conclusion of her term, we are grateful she is willing to continue in office until Mr. Sinks is qualified.

Public service is not a game. The local Republican party has shown reckless judgment and committed political malpractice by slating a candidate that was wholly unqualified for the position.

Mr. Sinks had multiple opportunities throughout 2018 to achieve his level II Assessor’s certification. Yet, he waited until November to take his first level I exam and has failed to pass the level II certification. Sinks may have won the election for this office, but it is Floyd County’s taxpayers who are losing.”


Adam Dickey