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Democrats prepared to deliver a better tomorrow.

NEW ALBANY, November 5, 2018 – The Floyd County Democratic Party Chair Adam Dickey made the following statement in advance of the November 11, 2018, General Election:

"Since January, our Democratic candidates have discussed a positive vision for Floyd County and Indiana. They've given voice to preserving Medicare and Social Security, protecting our health care, and addressing critical issues such as Indiana's opioid crisis. They've spoken out to ensure all our citizens have a rich quality of life with a living wage, to build up our infrastructure to attract business, and to assure our community is safe and secure. They reflected what we can accomplish as a community together. 

"We've also heard another type of rhetoric the last several weeks put forward by the other side. It’s aimed at dividing us from one another and at distracting us from the issues that matter in Floyd County. Together, we can reject that kind of politics when we vote. Our party will always stand for a politics that reflects the 'us' and not the 'me.' We will continue to reach out to enable voters to let their voice be heard and deliver a promise for a better tomorrow."   

Adam Dickey