About the Floyd County Democratic Party

Our Mission

The Floyd County Democratic Party encourages civic participation, promotes democratic values, provides tools for effective political action, and cultivates an open and inclusive grassroots network.

About us

The Democratic Party represents the interests of working families, fights for equal opportunities and justice for all Americans. That commitment is reflected in an agenda that emphasizes strong economic growth, affordable health care for all, retirement security and open, honest and accountable government.

Serving as the grassroots network, our county party, provides organization resources and financial support to elected officials, candidates, and constituency groups. Our goals include:

1.      Recruitment, training and support to Democrat candidates.
2.      Mobilizing voters in support of Democratic candidates.
3.      Increased public awareness of Democratic principles, values and policies.
4.      Attracting contributors/supporters, volunteers and voters.

Stronger Together

Democrats believe that we're greater together than we are on our own—that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules.



Party Officials


Party Chair

Adam T. Dickey




(812) 786-5895





Vice Chair

Sarah Bonifer




(502) 640-6118






Tony Toran




(812) 981-0095






Jane Willman



(812) 941-8199




Precinct Committee Persons

The Floyd County Democratic Party is led by the Central Committee and comprised by a Precinct Chair and Vice Chair for each of the county's sixty (60) voting precincts. These individuals are responsible for the election of county party officers, management of the local party organization, and local grassroots outreach. To review the current list of committee members, please click here

Elected Officials


Circuit Court - J. Terrance Cody - 2022
Superior Court I - Susan Orth - 2020
Superior Court III - Maria Granger - 2020
Magistrate - Julie Fissel-Flanigan

Floyd County

County Council At-Large - Brad Striegel - 2020
County Council At-Large - Leslie Knable - 2020
County Council District 1 - Tom Pickett - 2022

New Albany City

Mayor - Jeff Gahan - 2019
City Clerk - Vicki Glotzbach - 2019
City Council District 2 - Bob Caesar - 2019
City Council District 3 - Greg Phipps - 2019
City Council District 4 - Patrick McLaughlin - 2019
City Council District 5 - Matthew Nash - 2019

Franklin Township

Township Board - Maggie Ann Heitkemper - 2022
Township Board - Donald Ray Schickel - 2022

Lafayette Township

Township Board - Betty Batliner - 2022

Lafayette Township

Township Board - Betty Batliner - 2022 

New Albany Township

Township Trustee - David Brewer - 2022

Township Board - Rick Cochran - 2022

Georgetown Town

Town Council At-Large - William Haller - 2022

Town Council District 1 - Everett Pullen - 2019
Town Council District 2 - Kathy Haller - 2019
Town Council District 3 - Joshua Williams - 2019